A glimpse into the methods of my madness...

I’m Manya, an experience designer who is passionate about bringing users along in the design process through research and participatory design. I’m always looking for more opportunities to do this while working on meaningful problems at the intersection of design, tech and human behavior.

Iyagi is an interactive, immersive storytelling system designed to support parents and children through a fun, dynamic, and consistent bedtime routine.
Interaction Design, UX Design, Information Architecture
A mobile app for wheelchair users and their caregivers to discover and share wheelchair-friendly places in Singapore, such as restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, shops, etc.
UX Design, UI Design, Information Architecture
HDB Hackathon
A hackathon to crowdsource ideas for stronger neighborly ties amongst residents in Singapore.
Design Research, Participatory Design
A shared kitchen space that provides working professionals with access to locally sourced ingredients, recipe inspiration and all the tools they need to whip up quick and healthy meals and a side of good conversation. 
Service Design, Environments
Treasure Trove
UX Design, UI Design, Information Architecture
UP Community Newsletter
Re-design of EDM (electronic direct mailer) template based on campaign data.
UX Design
What Is Blockchain?
An exercise in making abstract ideas concrete and accessible to the layperson.
Motion Graphics
Navigating Information
A Buzzfeed article that takes a light-hearted approach to equipping young voters with the tools to look at news more carefully and helping them formulate their own opinions without being clouded by the bias of news outlets.
Communication Design, UX Design
A study of architecture as a tool for manipulating movement through the use of focal points, vistas, and hidden gems in my third year architecture project (B.Arch).
Architecture, UX Design
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